A friend Chuck Archer makes the most amazing spicy pepper jelly and I’ve experimented with a lot of ways to cook with it. This recipe is adapted from one posted on SpicyMan.com. My boyfriend dubbed it the “Miss B” because that’s what Chuckie calls me. It’s great for breakfast and basically every other meal of the day.

The “Miss B” Openfaced Breakfast Sandwich


  • • 1 english muffin, split
  • • 2 spoonfuls of spicy pepper jelly - I recommend Spicy Man's Hells Bells but any pepper jelly, spicy or not, will do
  • • 2 slices of (fake) bacon, or the real thing if you're an omnivore (or a bad vegetarian like myself) - I recommend Morningstar Farms
  • • 2 eggs, poached to your liking
  • • S + P
  • • Veggies of your choice! Recommended: sliced avocado, tomato or red onion, fresh or sauteed greens, etc, etc...


  1. Get the eggs poaching first, because this will take the longest. If you've got your own poaching technique, stick with that. If you have no idea how to poach an egg, give the Smitten Kitchen technique a try. Poach to your preferred doneness. I like my soft because the runny yolk mixed with the pepper jelly is so good!
  2. Split the english muffin and toast it (or put it under the boiler if you don't have a toaster like myself). When it's done, spread a spoonful of pepper jelly on each side.
  3. Fry up two slices of (fake) bacon. I like mine on the crispy side. Split each slice in two and criss cross on top of the english muffin halves. Now I know what you're thinking, "Facon, ew!" and normally I would agree but it works surprisingly well in this dish, even my carnivore boyfriend would agree. It's not greasy and it has just the right amount of smokiness that mixes so well with everything else in this dish.
  4. Layer the veggies of your choice on top of the bacon, then add the poached eggs, sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  5. Eat immediately and enjoy!